Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you feel the love tonite?

Can you feel the love tonite? Cats and dogs, living together. Kumbaya. Whatever:

But that has changed over the last two weeks at the World Baseball Classic, where the Sox standouts [Pedroia, Youkilis] and Yankees star [Jeter] have reached a form of detente as teammates.

He’s an awesome guy,” Youkilis said of Jeter. “Everything you hear about him, his character and all that, is on point.
Being around him, you can see why the Yankees are successful,” Youkilis said. “Having that type of guy on your team is awesome. He’s a leader. He does everything right off the field. You get a really good sense of why he embodies the Yankees way. He’s an icon in New York.”
I’m just giving him a hard time,” Pedroia said. “It’s been cool meeting him and getting to play with him. He’s a class act. We’ve played against him so many times and respect him so much, it doesn’t matter what team he plays for.”
Ready to puke yet? How about we being the latest gathering of the Mutual Admiration Society? Want s'more?
Jeter recently mentioned how much he enjoys Pedroia’s personality. Yesterday he complimented Youkilis.

He can play,” Jeter said. “He works extremely hard. He can hit. He can play defense. The difference now is having the opportunity to get to know him over an extended period. I’m getting to know him personally. I always respected him as a player, but now I have more respect for him as a person, too.”
Can yoooooou feeeeel the looooove tonighttttttt?


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Do you really expect them to really hate each other just because they're on rival teams? They didn't exactly choose to be that way. Also, it would be fairly counter-productive to hate each other while trying to win the WBC.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Mark, please turn in your "no fun" card and pour yourself a big tall glass of prune juice.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I don't like prune juice.