Sunday, March 22, 2009

ARod dabbles with the oldest profession

Why not? Everyone with an ARod connection is coming out of the woodwork to heap the slop on this guy.

[Kristen] Davis told a friend the then-married Rodriguez asked her, "What are you doing tonight?"

The shapely madam didn't know who A-Rod was but found him "hot as hell," she told the friend. "
I said, 'I'm having dinner with my boyfriend. But if you're looking for someone to hang out with, here's a number.' I gave him my agency's card."

That night, Davis told a friend, Rodriguez booked a two-hour "date" with one of her girls, who met him at the Four Seasons on Rittenhouse Square.

He gave his real name," Davis told the friend. "The next day we found out who Alex Rodriguez was. The girl we sent freaked out. Her father (works for) another Major League Baseball team."
Here's the thing: Much like PED use, I don't put this sorta thing (cheating at every opportunity) past any professional athlete, not just baseball players. I just wish we didn't have to hear about it. Of course, I am being totally hypocritical by linking to it. I know I promised I'd ease up on the guy, but his stupidity is transcending, captivating, ethereal.

That said, there are two things that really made me laugh in that clipped text above:
  1. That ARod would give his OWN name. Is that due to vanity or stupidity?
  2. That his 'date' has a father working for a MLB club. {How hard to I have to pray that her last name is 'Lucchino'?}

Then there's this tidbit, which I find highly suspectible. No one, not even ARod is THIS dumb, right? RIGHT?!?
A source said A-Rod confided the pressures he felt as a player.

"He told her that he'd used steroids," the source claimed. "He said a lot of players did. He just wanted to be a good ballplayer."


Steve said...

I wonder if this wouldn't be an issue if he hadn't been found out using PED's?
If him stepping out on his wife to get some strange and the fact that he has been a little lacking in the hitting in crunch time dept. were the only things we knew about Alex, would this be that newsworthy?

And yes I call BS on him telling a random...ahem "date" that he used PED's. Alex has diarrhea of the mouth sometimes but not even HE could be that dumb...can he?

Jason @ IIATMS said...

That's EXACTLY it, ain't it Steve? he can't be that dumb, can he? PLEASE!

Zach Sanders said...

Who knows, maybe he is that stupid.

The lonely life of the baseball player must have forced him into the arms of his "escort". Next we'll here about him collapsing into her arms and weeping after discussing his PED and the pressures of being a star.