Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A look at the old "new" Yankee Stadium

Lar at Wezen-ball has a great look back at the last time there was a "new" Yankee Stadium, waaay back in 1976.

I know, I know... that isn't the boldest of predictions to make. But I feel more than confident when I say that - and that's mostly because this isn't new at all. Back in 1976, the old Yankee Stadium re-opened after having been closed for two years for remodeling. The interior of the stadium was completely rebuilt, including the fences, the seats, the roof, and the original grandstand. When the remodeled Yankee Stadium opened that year, the sportswriters of the time took notice and spent their column space doing exactly what we know today's sportswriters will do next month: waxing poetic about the "dawn of a new age" and the "bittersweet transition of old to new" and also talking about the cost overruns and the city's questionable roll in the construction.
There are some great links to articles written at the time, too. Worth a read.

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