Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'd take Lou in the 2nd

Don't know about you, but if he was crazy enough to tussle with Dibble back in the day (right), he's crazy enough to try it with the Silver Fox, Steve Phillips. And I think he'd smoke 'em:

"I don't have much respect for Steve Phillips," Piniella said after hearing the comment Monday. "Let him be around a little more and see what transpires before he makes assumptions. I've lost total respect for this guy. If he had something to say, let him say it to me."
The comment in question:
"My view is Lou doesn't have a great deal of patience for assimilation into culture, assimilation into the team," Phillips said. "He is just not the most patient guy around, and he tends to verbalize his frustrations in an angry way. I think that may have affected Fukudome a little bit."
Let's get it on!
Of course, I think Phillips might actually be right in this case. If memory serves, Piniella wasn't exactly publicly supportive of his player.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

To be fair, you could put the fans of Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and just about everywhere else on that list as well. Granted, Pinella is the manager, but I don't think too many managers would be patient with a guy struggling that bad and with the weight of 100 years of the Cubbie world hanging over you.

Alex K said...

I tend to agree with Phillips on this as much as that pains me. Lou isn't the most patient or supportive manager (see Pie, Felix), but to be fair with the team last year he had no reason to be. They were and are in "win now" mode and if someone isn't performing then they need to not get AB's.