Monday, March 2, 2009

Anyone wanna play? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Seeking 1-2 alternates for the league. Alternates found. Thanks.

We have 10 signed up and ready to draft 3/15 with two that have committed but yet to sign in. I will give them both a few days and if they can't commit, they are getting the boot. THIS MEANS YOU: Marc, Rory_theGreat. I am not kidding. Sign in or let me know that you are not planning to play.


Was thinking about doing this for some time and never got around to posting it.

Fantasy baseball league for IIATMS regulars (and irregulars) and fellow bloggers
  • 10-12 teams, mixed league
  • Standard 5x5 format, possibly substituting AVG for OBP if possible
  • Draft would be online, probably 2 weeks or so before the season starts, to be determined
  • ESPN-hosted
  • Post-draft recap with mocking of the bad picks
  • Weekly updates here with full bragging rights
  • For entertainment purposes only; any wagering purely theoretical, unless I win
Let me know via the comments (or email me) if you want to play and your email address so I can invite you once I create the league.



Zach Sanders said...

I'd love to join in.

Rory The Great said...

I want in if I can.

Any interest in doing an auction instead?

Mariano said...

I'm excited for this. how many teams are we expecting?

Ralph said...

I'll definitely take one of the open spots.