Monday, March 2, 2009

R.I.P. Tom Sturdivant

Rest in peace, Tom. The picture below is Sturdivant's autograph from a ball in my collection. While Sturdivant only played two years for the Yanks (part of the '55 and '56 championship teams), my dad got to hang with him while at Mantle & Ford's fantasy camp some 24 (Nov. '85)years ago. His autograph is on a ball signed by other lesser-known Yanks like Tom Tresh (below Sturdivant's sig in the pic), Jake Gibbs, Mike Ferraro (a coach) and the late-Hank Bauer.

Tom Sturdivant, a control artist and stalwart starting pitcher who won a combined 32 games for the 1955 and 1956 Yankee championship teams, has died.
Dad, sorry you lost a friend yesterday.


e-5 said...

HIM remembers Tom as a tough, old fashioned Southerner (probably OK like Mickey...they were very tight). Guys like Skowron, and Mantle and Slick (#16) always brought their guys in where ever and whenever they could so they could always make a few extra bucks. They along with Maris, Yogi, Tresh, Murcer and Bauer were true teammates long after they left the lockeroom. They always looked out for each other. I believe that is what they mean when they say a guy is good in the lockeroom.

Tom had some serious physical (back troubles the past decade). Interestingly, ever time you spoke with him he told all that he could out run Mickey and hit better then most of the regulars on hi teams. He also always challenged Mickey to a knuckle ball contest...Mantle always won...he probably had a nastier one than most major leaguers who lived on them.

Anonymous said...

real yank fans need no explanation who Mike Ferraro is!